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Personal Accident  

Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Macau is getting more and more crowded each day with people and traffic. The unexpected can happen anytime and anywhere. Macau Insurance Company Personal Accident Insurance is designed to protect you against all possibilities, and provides you a comprehensive protection for you and your family.

Insurable Age
Scope of Coverage
Medical Expenses Reimbursement
Plan Details & Premium
Classification of Occupation
Communicable Disease Exclusion

Insurable Age

18 to 65 (Insurable age up to 69)

Scope of Coverage

The Insured Person is protected against accident occurs, leading to bodily injury, permanent disablement or death.

Medical Expenses Reimbursement

This plan covers all eligible medical expenses for hospital or outpatient treatment when the Insured Person suffers bodily injuries from accident.

Plan Details & Premium

Major Benefit
Maximum Sum Insured (MOP)
Permanent Disablement
Medical Expenses
(Per Accident)
Classification of Occupation
Annual Premium (MOP)
Class I
Class II
Class III


Classification of Occupation

Class 1: Professions, administrative and clerical occupations without manual work
Such as: accountants, architect, land surveyor, cashier, office clerk, clergymen, civil engineers (not visiting sites), dentist, real estate agents, lawyers, entrepreneur, doctor, secretary, receptionist, secretary, telephone operator, secondary / primary teacher, students*, retired* and housewives*.
* Maximum Sum Insured MOP 600,000

Class 2: Supervisory professions & occupations requiring outdoor work, occasional manual work or use of light tools or machines of non-hazardous nature
Such as: builders (superintending), civil engineer / geologist (visiting sites occasionally), salesperson, interior decoration foreman, hairdressers, plumbers (superintending), private car drivers, driving instructors, casino staff (card dealers, clerical staff), beautician, social worker, musician and tailors.

Class 3: Professions & Occupations of light manual works
Such as: domestic helpers, cleaning workers, laundry workers, residential building watchman, waiters, cook, bakers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, lorry drivers, photographer, veterinary surgeons and dancers.

# Other than the above occupation class, please contact us for enquiry.

The above information is for reference only. For detailed terms and conditions of this plan please refer to the policy schedule.
This service/product is not targeted at customers in the EU.
This insurance is subject to Communicable Disease Exclusion.