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Pension Plan Setup  

Under the prevailing Macau Pension Fund Law, the employer has the right to flexibly decide the rules of the Pension Plan (Benefit Scheme), provided that the conditions are in compliance with the legal framework in force.

Decide Your Type of Pension Plan

Defined Contribution / Defined Benefit / Mixed
Defined Contribution Plan :
  The contributions to be made are predefined and the pecuniary payments payable to the beneficiaries are determined according to such contributions.
Defined Benefit Plan :
The pecuniary payments payable to the beneficiaries are predefined and the contributions to be made are calculated so as to guarantee the respective payments.
Mixed Plan :
With the features of both defined contribution and defined benefit plans.

Contributory / Non-Contributory
Contributory (Joint Contribution) Plan :
Both the employer and employees contribute towards the financing of the plan.
Non-Contributory Plan :
The financing of the plan is done exclusively by the employer.